Zespri approached us to create a campaign to introduce their delicious golden kiwi fruit to the US market.  
From the outset we wanted to celebrate the Kiwi Fruits’ New Zealand heritage with an added fantasy twist. The natural beauty of New Zealand offered us all the inspiration we needed; from the Waitomo glow caves, to sprawling beaches and incredible rain forests. 
In the spots adventurous shoppers are guided by fantastical spoons through our lush environments scattered with kiwi fruits that acted as lanterns, flowers and mushrooms. A host of curious characters accompany the shoppers on their journey including kiwi birds, moas, possums, parrots, manta rays and turtles. Keep an eye out to see how we incorporated delicate kiwi pips into the designs of our characters. The environments finally open up to reveal a glorious treasure of majestic golden fruits.