South African TV channel, M-Net, commissioned us to create two enchanting and visually exciting pieces in stereoscopic for their “Believe” campaign. Both stories remind us of the magic that is out there, even in places where we least expect.
Once again, we were able to indulge in our love for creating sculptural miniatures to create these spots. This added a level of depth, detail and organic realism to the screen that results in a more emotive, arresting visual experience than using only computer-generated imagery.
This was our first stereoscopic job especially created for 3D cinema viewing. To achieve this, we worked with a team that came up with an ingenious, creative solution. The sets were shot with a Canon 5d mounted on a robotic motion control arm. After establishing the camera path and stereo conversion points, we fed the data into a program that we developed to make the necessary calculations to split the camera path into two – one left and one right eye. A stop-motion package was used to automate the arm and camera movements. The stereo path enabled us to shoot as many passes as we needed for blue screen and light passes. The computer generated animated characters were added afterwards.