We were delighted to create an animated spot for HENDRICKS GIN for creative agency Quaker City Mercantile. Things got even better when we realised that they were seeking genuine and even radical creative input to bring the HENDRICK’S world to life.
Distinctly unique, HENDRICKS GIN has strong aesthetics of Victoriana, Surrealism and Absurdity. This was a great opportunity for the studio to push the envelope and add more depth, atmospherics and create subtle moments of surprise in the animation.
Our story begins just after work, lines and lines of commuters leave the office after the 5PM bells toll. But; for two commuters, something extraordinary happens after they break free from the tedium and are swept into the remarkable world of HENDRICK’S gin. A world delightfully infused with Rose and Cucumber and all the surrealism you could expect from a brand like HENDRICKS GIN.