When the studio receives a brief from HENDRICKS GIN and their creative agency Quaker City Mercantile, we know that it’s going to be an immersive adventure  into the HENDRICKS GIN's aesthetics of  Victoriana, surrealism and absurdity.  The brief for 'Tiny Dancers' was no different.
Following our first collaboration with the brand on ‘Escape’ we were ready to dive straight into the new concept and once again bring the brand to life on the big screen.
Our hero, The Hammerhead is spending a perfectly mundane morning, mopping the ballroom.  His sentient mop; an octopus, notices a small crack in the skirting boards.  Bending down The Hammerhead peers through the mouse hole revealing a whole other world beyond the veil.
He slowly reaches into the hole, and we watch his seemingly endless arm through a cross section of the wall. Stretching through tiny brick archways, reaching for a perfectly mixed Gin Martini we see a multitude of tiny ballerina, acrobats and winged creatures dancing around his hand delightedly.  As he draws back, so his new found friends decide to join him and we’re left in the midst of a riotous celebration in the  ballroom.  A world delightfully infused with Rose and Cucumber and all the surrealism you could expect from a brand like HENDRICKS GIN.