As soon as we read the brief from Fruit of the Loom, we knew we were in for a fun ride. The scripts were so wonderfully eccentric that within the first brainstorm we knew we’d have to design a world as quirky as the characters on the page.
Nacho, Worm and So Hungry were a great opportunity to explore a brand new aesthetic with exceptionally vibrant colours, wonky designs and characters that could melt the heart.
And while it was a departure from our usual style that we’re so well known for, we still spent a lot of time inserting small details into the piece to build a rich and believable world for our characters.
Director, and Executive Producer, Nina Pfeiffer took lead on this project. “ I was very inspired by the surrealism of the piece and really connected with the stories. It was clearly a project that was strongly driven by the characters’ performance and we spent a lot of time thinking about how to bring the humour alive.”
The end result are spots which ooze charm, humour and a whole new way of looking at the playground.