To raise awareness of Thyroid Eye Disease, we created two fairy tales for the health information industry. In these tales, buildings have eyes and become the heroes in need of rescue. It was so much fun delving into how buildings might perceive the passage of time and seasons—what might warm them up, what could cause a tremor, and what friends different buildings might have around them. 
We imagined that a good friend to a little cottage would be a sapling, growing into a tree. Keep an eye out as it sends some of its leaves the cottage's way to warm it up. A castle's closest companion is a little robin, chased away by nasty scratchy  creepers threatening to take over the castle. It's these little side stories that we love adding to our spot, as we feel it makes it worth watching over and over again. 
While these spots are set in fantasy lands, it deals with very real issues faced by people suffering from Thyroid Eye Disease, such as changes in eye appearance, dryness or watery eyes, difficulty moving the eyes, and itching.