Electronic Art commissioned a three-part teaser for the last instalment of “American McGee’s Alice.” We had complete freedom to interpret and add to their story which features an older, cynical and macabre incarnation of Alice. 
In this tale, Wonderland, being a creation of Alice’s mind has been corrupted and her primary objective is to save this world, and in doing so, save herself. In making the film, we were allowed to indulge completely in a 3D interpretation of Wonderland.
Our story opens with Alice in a psychiatrist’s room and then tracks her journey through the streets of London before waking up in a Lewis Carroll-inspired environment. This wondrous haven (with an Eastern twist) however, proves to be a veil created by the caterpillar’s constant puffing of dreamy smoke. The illusion soon gives away to the true Wonderland, a surreal and horrific place in which Alice is forced to face her greatest foe.